Manage internet access

haandle is a little white box that plugs into your home router to restrict any device's access to the internet with time based rules. It's primarily aimed at parents who want to manage their children's access to the internet.
Internet access can be managed on any device on the network, including phones, tablets, laptops, PCs and games consoles.

Works everywhere, yes everywhere

Most parental control tools stop working as soon as your child leaves the home, haandle is different because it blocks access to mobile data and external Wi-Fi networks, as well as home Wi-Fi.
Product Features
Control access times

Set up time rules for when children can access the internet on their devices

Rules for each device

Create different rules for mobiles, tablets, laptops and home computers

Blocks Wi-Fi and mobile data

Restrict access to all Wi-Fi and mobile networks, in and out of the home

Compatible with everything

Our hardware and software works with all internet routers and all devices

Intelligent Content Filtering

Protect your children from inappropriate content on the web and in search results

Our mission: reconnecting families

The internet is a wonderful tool, but it has a way of disconnecting the family and can be a dangerous place for children to explore. As parents, we want to control what our children are exposed to and make sure their childhood is a rich and fulfilling time.

It can be difficult to enforce strict rules around usage of the internet


Children can easily access inappropriate content when unsupervised


It's easy for strangers to make hidden contact with your child online


Modern issues like cyberbullying and cyberstalking are on the rise

Our Mission
``No internet tonight``
Get the family talking and playing games together again

Our story: something had to be done

haandle was created and founded by Paul Hague an experienced technology professional with over 25 years in the industry. More than that Paul is first and foremost a father to 3 children and having had first-hand experience with his children of how obsessive usage, anonymous chat sites, online bullying and content can effect family life and finding nothing to help, he thought it time he put his experience to use and create something to do just that.

Online Bullying

Every day children post shocking content to bully or impress each other without thinking about the consequences and usually the parents don’t find out.

Inappropriate Content

Even the most innocent search term can pull up inappropriate material, do you really know what your child is looking at online when they’re out of your sight?

The Disconnected Family

Ever since the invention of the television we’ve had devices in the home that disconnect the family, but in the age of mobile internet enabled devices it’s even worse.

It's not about punishment, it's about protection
Any parent would want to intervene early if they thought their child was exposed to something they shouldn’t be online

haandle Blog

Keep up to date in issues surrounding modern digital culture and advances in parental controls

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Support and guidance

How can we help?

Quick setup guide

Our quick setup guide walks you through the install step for your haandle hub.

Rule and device setup

Read our step by step guides on how to set up time based rules and apply them to devices.


Discover useful tips and advice from our most frequent questions on using haandle.

Speak to us

haandle is really simple to use, but should you have a question, you can speak to us.

Put an end to those bad habits
Get back in control of your families routines with planned hours for internet access

Where to buy

haandle is available now in selected retail outlets. many more are coming soon…

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