Look familiar?
Has the internet taken over in your household?

Our mission: reconnecting families

The internet is a wonderful tool, but it has a way of disconnecting the family and can be a dangerous place for children to explore. As parents, we want to control what our children are exposed to and make sure their childhood is a rich and fulfilling time.

It can be difficult to enforce strict rules around usage of the internet


Children can easily access inappropriate content when unsupervised


It's easy for strangers to make hidden contact with your child online


Modern issues like cyberbullying and cyberstalking are on the rise

``No internet tonight``
Get the family talking and playing games together again
Reconnect the family

Do you find that the internet and portable devices have taken over family time? You could just switch off the router, but that doesn’t really solve the problem does it.

What you need is a system in the home where everyone knows when they can and can’t access the internet, so you can bring back family time, without the distractions.

That’s what haandle is. Our internet access controller can take away the punishment aspect of you switching off the internet by installing a rule-based system everyone gets used to.

Sleep more soundly

In a recent study, it was discovered at many young children stay up until after midnight online. In many cases the parents aren’t even aware this is happening.

By instigating a night curfew with haandle, you can ensure that everyone gets a better night’s sleep and also sleep better yourself knowing they aren’t exposed to things online that they shouldn’t be.

Intervene early

It’s a sad fact that many children become the victims, and perpetrators of online bullying and stalking, often referred to a ‘cyberbullying’ and ‘cyberstalking’, and this often happens during school hours and at night.

Most of the time this goes unnoticed by the parents because the child doesn’t want to talk about it, which can lead to serious problems later on.

With haandle you can prevent exposure and participation in these activities with total internet blocks between key hours.

Helping parents solve challenges

Being a parent in the modern connected age can be difficult, we know because we’re parents too.

Homework requires focus and even seemingly harmless distractions like a social media update can break concentration for half an hour or more. By setting up a homework-time internet block you can ensure that your child’s homework gets the attention it needs.

It’s a worrying fact that there are irresponsible people on the internet that attempt to contact young people via social media. With haandle you can prevent this from happening by restricting internet access after a set time at night and even during school hours.

It can be hard to enforce rules that limit online gaming, because it feels like a punishment to tell them to stop. By setting up programmed time windows, you child will get used to when they can and can’t game online and rules are easier to accept.

Online bullying and stalking is a growing and often secret problem, that mostly happens during the school day and late at night. By setting access rules you can reduce prevent exposure to this type of behaviour and promote a healthier relationship with technology.