Introducing haandle
The simplest way to manage your children's internet usage in and out of the home.
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Manage internet access

haandle is a little white box that plugs into your home router to restrict any device's access to the internet with time based rules. It's primarily aimed at parents who want to manage their children's access to the internet.
Internet access can be managed on any device on the network, including phones, tablets, laptops, PCs and games consoles.

Internet access time control

Using the simple control interface, you can set up times of the day when the internet is blocked to some, or all devices on the network.

Tip: Designate a nightly cut-off time during the week, that’s relaxed at the weekend.

``Let's play a game instead!``
Reconnect your family with internet-less evenings

Flexible rule control

Time-based access rules can be set up for different scenarios and applied to individual devices, or all users on the network.

Tip: Prevent your child from accessing the internet via mobile data and Wi-Fi on their Smartphone during homework time to prevent distraction.

Complete device management

You're in control of Wi-Fi access to any device connected to your home network. When you install the child App on a device, you control their access to mobile data and external Wi-Fi too.

Tip: Set up rules for everyone including yourself and visitors so you can lead by example and make the rules easier to enforce.

Promote healthy, supervised use of the internet
Parental controls should be seen as protection rather than punishment

Blocks work-around attempts

Children are clever these days, they probably try to find a way around the restrictions. But we're a step ahead of that - haandle blocks these attempts.

Tip: Explain to your children why you’re starting to limit their access and let them know it’s for their benefit.

Un-install alerts

The haandle App is protected, but if your child manages to uninstall the App, your own haandle App alerts you about the un-installation so you can act.
Put an end to those bad habits
Get back in control of your families routines with planned hours for internet access

Super simple setup

The haandle hub simply plugs straight in to your existing home router. There are no switches or buttons to figure out, all the set up is done via our online set up wizard.

Tip: Once the hub is setup and some rules defined, you can control the application of blocking rules from anywhere via your mobile devices.

Download the App

The Android App is free to download and is used to manage the internet access rules. The App doesn't need to be installed on a device to block home Wi-Fi, it is installed on a child's phone to block mobile data and external Wi-Fi.
Look familiar?
Has the internet taken over in your household? Take back control and reconnect the family with haandle