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Quick setup guide

Follow our quick setup guide to install your haandle, and download the full guide for instructions on how to setup rules.

1. Connect the network cable to the haandle device

Connect the network cable supplied into the network port on the haandle device.

2. Connect the network cable to your WiFi router

Connect the other end of the network cable supplied into a spare network port on the back of your home WiFi router.

Don’t connect to the WAN port, this can have a red surround.

3. Connect the USB cable to the haandle device

Connect power to the device. Using the USB cable supplied, plug the small USB end into the haandle device.

4. Connect the USB cable to your WiFi router

Your haandle should now be connected and you should see green power lights on the sides.

5. Configure your haandle

Open a web browser to

Your haandle will attempt to update all its software, once this is finished you can follow the onscreen instructions.

Connect your child’s device to the “Haandle-XXXXX-setup” WiFi network using “haandleonit” as the passphrase (XXXXX will be a unique code).

6. Download the App

Download the “Haandle Go!” app onto your child’s Android phone or tablet to allow out-of-home and mobile data management.

Rule and device setup

Once you have completed the quick setup guide, you will want to start configuring rules and applying them to devices.

Registering the parent account

Once haandle is active, by default no devices on the network will have internet access until you have connected them. Once they are connected they will have FULL internet access until a rule is applied to them.

To begin, you must register your parent account so you can start to manage child and guest devices.

  1. Enter your email address
  2. Enter a password
  3. Repeat password
  4. Check your email inbox

Verify your account

The haandle hub will send you a verification email with a code that you need to enter to verify your account.

  1. Re-enter your email
  2. Enter the code in your email
  3. Click ‘Verify’

Note: You can add more than one parent account by clicking ‘Register another account’.


Connecting devices to the network

Now the parent account is active, you can start to add devices to the network and allow access to the internet. Then you can apply rules to them too.

  1. Click on a device in the list
  2. Check the device details that appear
  3. Choose ‘Manage’
  4. The device will now have full access until you assign a rule

If you device does not appear, add it manually:

  1. Click ‘Add a device manually’
  2. Enter at least the name and MAC address
  3. Click ‘Update’ and choose to manage the device

Setting up time-based rules

Rules allow you to block internet access between specific times of the day, or all day. Multiple rules can be created and only applied when necessary.

  1. Go to the ‘Rules’ page in haandle’s access point
  2. Give your rule a recognisable unique name
  3. Choose between 12 or 24 hour clock
  4. Select the start time (when internet is blocked)
  5. Select the end time (when internet is unblocked)
  6. Select which days the rule should apply to

Applying rules to devices

Below the rule creation section, you can select which of the managed devices to apply the rule to. You can apply multiple rules to a device via the ‘Devices’ page.

  1. Tick the box next to any device you wish to apply the rule to
  2. Click’ Update’, or ‘Update via SMS’
Blocking access outside the home

To block access outside the home you need to install the Android App on to the device you want to manage. Once installed, the rules will also apply to access via mobile data and external WI-Fi.

  1. Install haandle go! App from Google Play
  2. Connect device to hub and select ‘manage’
  3. Apply time rule to device

Frequently asked questions

Parental internet controls can be a complex subject, let us answer a few of your questions

Do I have to set up rules for each of my children?

No it’s entirely up to you as the parent. You can choose which rules apply to which of your children, because some devices can have unrestricted access and some can have a set of rules applied to them.

Do I have to set up rules for my own devices?

No you can continue to use your existing Wi-Fi because haandle uses your existing gateway but creates a separate Wi-Fi network for your children to use. If you wish though you can and gain the benefits of taking some time out from the technology. As the parent you connect to haandle as you would with your child’s device, set up the rule and then you can continue to use your existing Wi-Fi network.

What's stopping my child just deleting the App?

We can’t stop your child deleting the app but we monitor this and notify you if this happens; their Internet access will also be blocked via the haandle wifi. If your child deletes the app during a blocked period and gets internet access somehow, then re-installs, we monitor this so you will be notified and the router will block access until the either you allow it or the app is installed again.

Do I have to set up rules for guests to my home?

No they can connect to the your existing Wi-Fi network. If for example one of your child’s friends wishes to use Wi-Fi you can add them to the haandle network  and because it’s just Wi-Fi there is no need to install the app.

What happens if my child disconnects the hub from the router?

Firstly their devices would have no Wi-Fi access. Added to this, the rules are locally stored in the app so the restrictions would still apply whether the haandle hub was connected or not. Plus the parent app would know the haandle router was unavailable.

Help with Samsung power management

When using Samsung smartphones S6, S7, S8 etc. please make sure once the app is installed to add the app to unmanaged power. To do this go to settings, device maintenance, battery. Scroll to the bottom and choose unmonitored apps. Click on add apps, scroll to haandle and select done. The app will now show in the display.

My wifi is blocked but there is no restriction in force

To make sure that the device you are trying to use is set to managed, log into the haandle unit by going to Once your are logged in, navigate to devices. If the device you are trying to use is in the unmanaged section then click on this, enter the details on the screen, click save. Internet should now be available.

I've set up my haandle unit but it's not responding

Please make sure before you power the unit up you have attached the ethernet network cable to the haandle unit and to the home gateway.

My haandle wifi signal is weak

Our signal is comparable to most major home gateway providers and ISP’s. If you are experiencing issues then we do support wifi extenders but we recommend you only use an extender that uses 2.4GHz wifi not 5GHz and follow the manufacturer’s set up instructions.

When setting up or re-booting, my device tries to connect to the haandle wifi network but either fails to connect or the network disappears

This is normal operation as the haandle unit tries to find the best wifi channel to connect to. It should take around 20 to 30 seconds so either wait or keep trying and it will eventually connect.

Can I change notifications for a suspected app deletion?

Yes. If you go into the haandle router settings screen you will see 2 sections. Deletion Threshold which is the amount of time, in hours, you want to be alerted if the device hasn’t connected to the network and Notification Threshold which is the amount of time, in hours, each time you are notified.

Can I connect to from an extender?

No. When accessing the haandle UI to configure settings and rules, please make sure you are either connected to either through your home gateway or directly to haandle wifi and not through an extender.

Speak to us

If you have setup your haandle and rules and aren’t quite sure of something, then contact us directly via email.

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